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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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egypt faces more opposition protests and a boycott of the draft constitution despite the president giving up his a recently extended powers. the e.u. is set to receive the nobel peace prize amid mass protests and speculation over the award losing its credibility. and the opposition and craned pledge talks without preconditions i made what appears to be a crackdown on dissent. good morning you're watching our team with me to see confidence let's get to our top story now in egypt where the opposition is gearing up for more protests they say
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that they're going to boycott a referendum on the draft constitution president mohamed morsi has already given up his sweeping powers but this fails to appease his opponents journalist bill true joins us live from cairo with the latest morsi does seem to be making these concessions and yet the crowd is still energized people are still in the streets why is that not enough for some egyptians. who have a moment to make this news you just heard this morning president mohamed morsi. the decision to increase tax burdens on the country these are sales tax and consumer goods and services this is be quite popular for him in the face of much besides the increased tax burdens were supposed to be part of i imagine the international monetary fund loan will point eight billion dollars knowing that countries be trying to secure recently definitely reducing these tax burdens will perhaps make him more popular among the streets however you have today of course they're not
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with ovation from the coalition of opposition forces running many of these protests . today completely reject. referendum set to be next week and it calls for protests they say the constitution only enforce a presidential dictatorship and then it's a. key social economic demands as well as. the country as it was. by islamist dominated constituent somebody to here in cairo was really expecting big crowds on choose day against the president well bella speaking of those big crowds we do know that mohamed morsi has ordered the military to maintain security on the streets the army has been given what i'm hearing a temporary arrest powers till the december what is the concern here that the country could be sliding back towards military rule. absolutely president preempting more violence on the streets particularly as a counter protest was arranged by
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a new coalition of islamic forces supports the president's own choose day. they said they want to have a million people on the streets in support of the president of course with the background of violence on wednesday between rival protest groups right here at the presidential palace which bloody scenes in the streets of cairo for the death toll that you reasons we've not been told the president has also admitted to step in and secure the nation in addition to giving power to arrest citizens this has been much criticism from the protesters who feel that the military will take a heavy hand this comes after the miniature. egypt hosni mubarak stepped down last last year which witnessed quite a heavy and bloody crackdown on protesters during the last transition period last night the protest in front of the presidential palace protesters screened for teach all of. human rights violations towards protesters on the screens of the president
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the president on the walls of the presidential palace they said to remind people of what the military is capable of right now the republican guards. the pilots they have erected twelve foot barriers which the protesters did manage to push through but it's still a sign that maybe we'll see more tanks on the streets as the descent continues in the lead up to this controversial referendum well certainly a terrifying prospect and bell very very briefly how solid though is the military support for morsi i mean could we see some divisions within military ranks. is an interesting question to you are scared people aren't entirely sure what the loyalties are all of the military they did beef up security as i mentioned outside the presidential palace but just this when they were able to to basically end the cordoned off area the republican guard essentially stepped aside and let them three leading many to believe that perhaps they were on the side of the protesters although that's on the confirmed of course they did release
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a statement saying they were on the side of the people and dialogue which they said would be the only way to avert this catastrophe but didn't necessarily align themselves with the president or the protesters many people believe that they are hedging their bets at the moment and that perhaps when the dissent turns very violent in the streets they may well end up security and possibly attempt another takeover or this is really just what the protesters are saying it is unconfirmed right well thank you so much keeping us up to date on the developments live from cairo. where analyst william engdahl thinks that egyptian islam a star being backed by foreign patrons with their own foreign agenda you have the brotherhood which is being supported by the state department in the obama administration. to create if you will an islamic dictatorship in egypt but there. is she going to gender much much like.
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a sunni organization that's where the trial. the gender of the population and the population rightly so smells a skunk and i think this is the coptic christian groups are threatened if the book brotherhood gets its constitution and imposing sharia law for. other groups of muslims for example sophie their places of worship are under attack in egypt and likely will be increasing so this is probably one of the most major. intelligence projects of the last fifty years and since the us government support of the muslim brotherhood to create islamic fascist regimes if you want to use that term across the islamic world across the muslim world from afghanistan down through turkey into saudi arabia qatar and of course egypt that's one point of view there meanwhile one of morsi is a former rivals for the presidency our most is now
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a prominent opposition leader and he says that the nation needs to move forward here's a preview of the full interview which will be airing for you at six thirty pm g.m.t. the situation in egypt generally stands because of the fact that nothing has really changed the change that we wanted that people hoped for dealing with. the services the education the had that iced of the fides of dating to the life of victims not to be produced anything you want when you have to move on that is the essence of the message. this is a move on but i suspect respect the rule of law let us move together. three presidents of the european union's main bodies are due to the nobel peace prize at a grand ceremony and also but even before the prize was handed out hundreds had
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marched to the center of the norwegian capital in protest this came on the heels of several previous winners in showing an open letter to the nobel foundation claiming that the e.u. doesn't deserve the award or all of our found out these aren't the only issues undermining the credibility of the prize. mark. one day living on the web it will not be deterred by a call about them but by the content of their character who are our times the one that can be probably become a glorious to keep from being assassinated however the nobel peace prize is only awarded to a living person this is when it tastes trying to especially when it comes to finances the announcement the european union was to pick up the twenty twelve gongs sparked heated debate the award was being discredited particularly the outrage it
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was picked it up recently well to be frank inside the united states i don't think very many people pay attention to the nobel peace prize anymore large numbers of americans were stunned when yasser arafat received the nobel peace prize many years ago president obama was given a prize for reasons that no one understood see what's. done over the last twelve months to convince the nobel committee it's worthy of such a prestigious award. it supported regime change in foreign countries and several member states indulged in violent crackdowns on demonstrators outraged by the failure of their governments. skeptics can't get enough for you devalues the whole concept of the peace prize when you find out that the chap in charge of the committee is actually a fully paid up you're a grad paid a big salary and promised a big head should by the council of europe you begin to think what's going on there among moderate voices there are concerns the peace prize is being used as
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a political football i think this award basically does a lot to kind of discredit past people who've won this prize i mean it demonstrates a sort of heavy politicization of the use of this award now it's been suggested that this year's winner of the peace prize picked it up more for not having done something as opposed to having food the peace around the globe it seems like they got the prize more because there hasn't been any war in europe for many decades rather than having done anything specific i think as long as civic institutions like the nobel prize continue to lose their legitimacy in their spirit through political favoritism and these prizes are always political but such blatant and obvious political favoritism and maneuvering i think it actually takes something away and i think it's actually damaging leaves the whole institution of the primaries facing the question of whether the nobility is being drained from the new
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. r t that. the greek prime minister's visit or about the area in an attempt to restore some faith and his trip to the german region came after greece set in motion a complex financial operation to buy back some of the country's debt at reduced prices the goal is to cut the national debt by around twenty billion euros to qualify for more financial aid from the e.u. and the i.m.f. his visit comes less than two weeks after greece's creditors agreed to extend billions in additional financing constitutional law professor george. believes that the way the union chose to deal with a crisis is unsustainable. so much as me though. well. listen. but unfortunately. no it. isn't easy to. control just to do good example would be the only for you the national military fund. and such. a huge here but of course it's real
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easy this is make you do so. to the german taxpayers so. simple you serious. stuff in for people with a clear will go to the. well is the e.u. pursuing the goal of a united europe at the expense of individual nations that's the action as taking center stage at the latest round of people about later on today. of course the european union has to be based on subsidy or it's a principle which means that the decisions are made close as possible to the set a sense on the other hand the only is that in the case is that the case song sure thing is that the case let me finish all right go ahead yeah yeah of course but about dontcha think that. in a case that a federal union existed with a federal strong budget that the sovereignty of the european citizens overall would be better than we have right now in that crisis we are all victims at the moment
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because we do not have a fully fledged my prescription my quick question is that people join to create something like the united states. yeah i mean they've been going to they joined it to create the united states of europe. that it has to be discussed i'm so i'm saying yes there is no alternative to that and if they don't want to be. to a federal union or european union or a state of the united states of europe they can of course leave or negotiate the treaty. well that full shell is available for you here on our team just over an hour meanwhile this hour that fight for freedom. they did not hesitate to shoot us directly to the head i've been shot one hundred ninety two pellets scattered all over my body in the head. and legs the most dangerous ones are those inside my lungs that we speak to
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the victims of alleged police abuse in bahrain where violent anti-government demonstrations have become an almost daily occurrence. the stunning beauty of reindeer gracefully dancing across the arctic tundra more than just a scenic image it is a way of life for sun traditionally the nets people are nomadic reindeer herders and though in many ways they lead a simple and rustic life they are also highly skilled and organized in their tree. another week and will be preparing for. a response this summer depending. on the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the coast of the ta to see here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job for the people in fact they say it's a part of their entire culture heritage and way of life and back they say that they
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can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. the deer is a means of transportation it's a source of our equipment and clothes and with the sun. but life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the district and not even marked for boarding school . in the knesset students learn different languages utilize modern technologies through specialized grant programs and even learn arts skills all within a protected environment the school and audience was founded and named for anton pity atika a scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas in education many that say they don't want to trade the modern life for their beloved . i have returned to the tundra and i actually like it here if you're outside
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there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come. with. its technology innovation. developments around russia we've. covered.
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wealthy british style. markets. can't find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headline is going to cause a report on r.t. . welcome back you're watching our team bahraini opposition groups say they're ready for open dialogue the government without preconditions they also want any results to be put to a referendum and this comes after a recent appeal for a face to face negotiations by the monarchy is seen as essential to quell and the unrest but as i say our chef school reports it's unclear at the turbulent gulf state is any closer to getting on the road to peace. on the subject says his life was shattered his sits on
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a municipal council in bahrain and several months ago she was shot by police during a peaceful protest looking at his injuries his lucky to be alive but online what i was with many of the protesters when we were faced by riot police they did not hesitate to shoot us directly to the head with the bullets the police are using for hunting birds and animals i've been shot at over one hundred ninety two but islands that are scattered all over my body in the head face arms and legs the most dangerous ones are those inside my lungs. is just one of hundreds who have suffered in the anti-government protests that started around twenty months ago when revolution fever was sweeping the middle east and north africa descend in bahrain differs little from that in nation swept by the arab spring because there was never to stop because at the different it is against the regime against that because of the shit against the situation. one thousand five hundred prisoners we have.
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every day we have a lot of. security forces surrounding the areas attacking the people at that house and given the outcome of the arab spring and. bahrain's ruling elite is doing its best to stamp out revolt the government recently slapped a ban on public gatherings bahrain's chief of police says it's not permanent but it is necessary we have introduced a temporary restriction on gatherings and protests and that is. one reason because lately we have seen that these gatherings been taking. more violent. methods than one year we had over four hundred protests and that's more than one protest but big and we have tried to solve the problem however they didn't seem to be able to control protests and together despite the ban and the risk of arrest people are still gathering the hard core of the protest comes from poor
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neighborhoods as soon as we reached one we immediately and counted a small and peaceful anti-government so roundly. summer simplicity to estimate how many people actually take a hike there just a moment in fact is that these protesters are being supported by the local shia community which make up to seventy percent of this country's population. the ruling elite are sunni muslims and this may look like a sectarian war but the authorities firmly reject their actions are religiously motivated there is a radical movement in the opposition party they are hardliners they want to see regime change they want to implement their own style of government they seek a secretary in theocracy and that is unacceptable so all because i feel out of desperation they know that they don't have the support of the rest of the
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population of bahrain they have turned to these violent means the protests are gathering momentum and allegations of torture in prisons are leading to serious international pressure being put on monarch so bahrain is rulers find themselves in a tough position they want dialogue with dissenters but the question is whether they will be satisfied with what the king has to offer a legacy or share ski r.t. reporting from the kingdom of bahrain. when moving on to syria now moscow claims that there is no evidence the government in damascus will use chemical weapons adding that it believes the biggest threat to the. tree could be militants getting their hands on the arsenal this comes after a video was released last week of an alleged rebel fighter threatening our side loyalists with chemical weapons we have to stress that the source of that video is confirmed meanwhile activists say forty five people were killed in syria on sunday more the battles raging in the capital damascus and aleppo rebel groups are also uniting under one military command in an effort to topple the assad regime we spoke
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to one political activist who says rebel militias could stage a chemical attack to discredit the government and then his opinion pave the way for military intervention. the danger is that the west is aware of such materials in syria but at the same time it's going to be used against the syrian government as a pretext for intervention united states has recently started listing all the syrian on the opposition all of the on position in syria as terrorist organizations that say something but probably aware that. the the armful of position in syria and probably the most powerful focus be on the position of the mr prong probably are the recession officers such materials and probably are planning to use them. north korea's expected to launch a rocket that it says is carrying a scientific satellite later this month despite a suspected technical delay and that's according to a south korean newspaper that reports based on satellite images suggest that
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a new component is being moved from a missile plant n.p.r. news to replace a faulty part of the rocket launch has been condemned by the south as well as japan and the u.s. they believe that it was a disguised test of a long range missile being developed to carry nuclear weapons. dozens of u.s. national security professionals have published a report suggesting that america should ease sanctions on iran apart from independent experts the paper was also signed by a number of former us foreign policy makers and military generals the latest round of economics. sanctions against iran was implemented less than two weeks ago washington and salads and policy restrictions and an attempt to curb everyone's nuclear program which tehran maintains is peaceful. our weekly sports update with kate part ranch is on the way after a short break stay with us. an
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artist was arrested for putting up posters critical of drone usage all over new york city the poster show a menacing drone shooting a missile at innocent children with the words drones protection when you least expect it written at the bottom these posters definitely reflect a lot of americans fears that a big brother skynet will completely eliminate the very concept of privacy and free speech so to prove that americans live in a free country without any government spying the n.y.p.d. hunted down the anonymous artist and arrested him for expressing himself having arrested him at his residence they charged him with fifty six counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession for having a deadly terrorist weapon and unloaded twenty two caliber pistol although being in jail won't be pleasant perhaps arzt s m a t actually in the end it got what he
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wanted he proved to the world that big brother surveilled him and arrested him all for throwing up a few posters looks like he proved his point but that's just my opinion. and the mission of free accreditation free zones for judges free. range lunch free risk free. ride free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free media dog r t v dot com. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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we speak your language not a day of. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles kidney's stories. you hear just sit in troy all teach spanish. visit. culture is that so much i was about to fail and i do know i'm going to give it real and credible separate the money more and more europeans are rethinking the pillars of the modern nation state there is wide agreement that the sovereignty of states must. come.
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hello welcome to the sports show with make a cartridge and here's a glimpse of what's coming up. winter champions their staff and braved the cold to see the army men beat more directly or to want to get into the winter break top of the russian premier league. while capital clash k h l leaders did our moscow stave off a late rally by tesco in a stunning first match up between alexander ovechkin and how that so. and fighting talk a billionaire at the share was one of talks exclusively to r.t. about two of his big passions leading all small to sell the walk and fencing to occultists future. affairs has got moscow will go into the winter break top of the
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russian premier league after beating rock bottom or davy a two on and they'll be some relieved players and their phones as the cold weather starts to settle across the country which of reports. that the fans from around the world will go to great lengths to support their favorite team however some fans and russia have to put up with more of a moose as the temperature drops well below freezing well beyond search of winter. while other stadiums around europe such as the donbass arena in donetsk ukraine install heaters to keep their supporters warm no social luxury is available to fans in russia who have to put up with temperatures that can do as low as minus twenty it's just that there's always been so it's in but of course it's not easy to attend a football match in such cold weather when the temperature is below freezing it's difficult to stand for more than fifteen minutes without feeling the cold your whole body is absolutely freezing i don't think it was the best decision to have matches in december we were better off before when the season finished in late
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november as the temperature was much warmer and above freezing. however fans of all ages were quick to agree. no matter how cold or uncomfortable the weather gets the most important thing is giving their side the support they need but the really like the weather to be honest but i can still support my team you can also keep warm if you're supporting your team the right way the mother by that we have to support our team no matter what the weather is like snow rain or sunshine i will never abandon my side and will always come to support the side that i love that the players are trying hard out there on the pitch and we currently there without any support. thankfully for the fans and players this will be the last round of matches played before the winter break and from a large number of into seats this couldn't happen soon enough being a russian football fan can certainly be a factor start to domestic season only concluding in mid december bad that means a temp.


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